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Installing RSAT on windows 10 1809 and up

When Microsoft released windows 10 1809 they changed how you install the Remote Server Administration Tools. Previously you could download a windows update file and installed the tools but down they are using on-demand features. The way on-demand features works is when you choose to install a feature the device will try to download the features from Microsoft server then installed the feature. Well if your organization is anything like others then you may not have these sites accessible if that is the case then you will need to install RSAT in another way. That is where our script comes in, INSTALL-RSAT

. The script allows you to install all of RSAT or a select number of features needed like AD, DNS and DHCP.

If you look at the script you will notice we use DISM to actually install the feature. This is due to some errors we have encounter when trying to install RSAT on some device that where upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8. We found that using DISM rather then Add-WindowsCapability was much more successful. When you run the script you can use the -Source parameter to specify where the offline files are at. If you do not use the source switch then the script will try to download the features.

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