• Kris Gross

How to get system info with PowerShell

A lot of times in my years of being an SCCM Admin I have been asked things like how much memory is in a system or when it was last rebooted. This can be done with complex tools like SCCM or By installing things like Speccy on the device in question. These tools work well but there is a simple way with out having to install anything on the computer you want to know about. You can do this with PowerShell and our Get System Info PowerShell Module.

Your First step is to install our Module you can do this by downloading the package from the Module Page or by Opening PowerShell and Running

Install-Module -Name GetSystemInfo

Once Installed you can run the Get-SystemInfo command to get information about a the local computer

If you need to get remote computers info you can run the Get-SystemInfo command with the -ComputerName Parameter

In order for the remote option to work correctly you will need admin right for the computer and verify that WinRM is running you can do this by running

Get-Service -ComputerName <ComputerName> | Start-Service

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