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PEBuilder Help

How to install PEBuilder

  1. Download the PEBuilder install files from the PEBuilder page.

  2. Double click the setup file, if you are prompt by Windows Defender SmartScreen click "more info" then "Run anyways"

Annotation 2020-08-07 120550.png
Annotation 2020-08-07 120650.png

  3. Accept the agreement and click "Next" 

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  4. Choose where you would like to install PEBuilder and click "Next"

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  5. Choose to add a Desktop shortcut and if you would like to install Windows ADK. An internet connection is needed to install Windows ADK, If you would like you can install Windows ADK later from here. If you did not choose to install ADK or if Windows ADK is already installed then you are done.

Annotation 2020-08-07 121606.png

  6. If you are installing Windows ADK, Choose where to install Windows ADK.

Annotation 2020-08-07 121915.png

  7. Choose if you would like to send anonymous data to Microsoft.

Annotation 2020-08-07 121934.png

  8. Accept the user agreement. 

Annotation 2020-08-07 121950.png

  9. Choose the features that you would like to install, for PEBuilder only the Deployment Tools are needed.

Annotation 2020-08-07 122006.png

  10. The install will start wait for it to complete and click "Close". The install for WinPE will start right after.

Annotation 2020-08-07 122025.png

  11. For WinPE click "Next" until you get to the install screen and click "Install".

Annotation 2020-08-07 124740.png

   12. Wait for the install to complete and click "Close"

Annotation 2020-08-07 125023.png

  13. Click "Close" on the PEBuilder install box and you are all done. 

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Install PEBuilder
How to Package an Application

1. Download and Install App Package Builder. This is a free tool that we offer to package a portable application to work with PEBuilder 

2. Once Installed run the App Package Builder and you should see a screen like this. The First step is to name your application this will be used to identify what application you are running and using. 


3. Next Enter the name of the command, This is what the user will type to launch the application 


4. Enter the syntax that is needed to start the app


5. Enter any switches or arguments you need for your application to run.


6. Browse to the folder that contains all the files needed for your application


7. Browse to where you would like to save the apppack file


8. Click build and wait for the completion message to show. 

How to Package an app
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