Easy To Use

Our interface allows for any user to quickly create there own Windows PE image

PowerShell integration

PowerShell is a standard feature in all images created with PEBuilder. This allows for the use of the robust tools offered with PowerShell

Add your own Applications, Files and Folders


By using PEBuilder you can add applications packaged with App Package Builder as well as other files and folder to the Windows PE Image.


​Build a custom Windows PE disk with an easy to use GUI interface.

PEBuilder makes it easy for you to build and customize your own Windows PE image. Using the application you can modify many parts of the image with out having to remember lots of commands or file and folder locations.


PEBuilder comes in 2 different editions free and pro.


What you can do with each version

App Package Builder integration

PEBuilder now uses a proprietary way of adding applications to a PE image, To do this we have built an application called App Package Builder. With App Package Builder you can package a portable application that can be added the PE image. App Package Builder is free but you will need a PEBuilder Pro license to add your own portable applications.  


We have a few ways to get help with PEBuilder and App Package Builder 

1. Online Documentation and PEBuilder Configs

2. User Manual 

3. YouTube

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