Version 5

Build a custom Windows PE disk with an easy to use GUI interface. PEBuilder is an application that allows you to build a PE image the way you want it. You can enable PowerShell and other components with a simple click of a check box. You can also add your own compatible application right to the image.  To access more advanced features  you can use the build in PowerShell script the further customize your image.


ADK 1803
.Net 4.0 or higher
Windows Management Framework 5.1 - only needed on windows 7

 What Application are included

Below is a list of applications that will by default be added to the Windows PE image. You can remove these from the GUI or add your own. Just click add app and point to the containing folder.  
Here is our recommendation for a flash drive to run your WinPE Image from 

Change log

9-7-18 V 5

  • New look for GUI
  • Moved project from Sourceforge to here
  • removed a few applications that violated licensee
  • Added a PowerShell module folder to the resources 
  • Changed the PSProfile folder to CustomProfile 
  • PowerShell profile now uses  Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1