Version 2.2.7

ISO2USB is a simple tool that allows you to burn an iso file to an attached or removable drive. To keep up with the times the tool offers the ability to format the drive as a fat32 or ntfs file system so the drive can be using on a device that supports ntfs boot drives.


Windows 10

Change Log  

4-2-19 - V 2.2.6

  • GUI optimization changes
  • fixed a but that prevented the upgrade notification showing

3-3-19 - V 2.2.6

  • Performance upgrades 
  • now checks for a newer version on launch

11-20-18 - V

  • Performance upgrades
  • Replaced the Message Status box with a progress bar 

11-9-18 - V

  • Updated the GUI interface 
  • Changed the progress bar to a message window (Progress bar was not accurate) 
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow some drives to be formatted to NTFS 
  • Fixed a issue that would cause some anti-virus applications to flag ISO2USB as a virus

8/31/2018 - V

  • Added overall progress bar and current process progress bar  
  • Moved project from Sourceforge
  • fixed a issue that could cause a drive created with a older os iso file to not boot correctly


  • Fixed a issue that would stop the ISO file from being dismounted if the file path had a space
  • Fixed a issue that caused the progress description to be obscured by the burn button 
  • Added error logging to the GUI progress description


  • Added NTFS and FAT32 file system support 
  • Recompiled to exe to a better format 
  • Updated the icon file to be in the script 


  • Removed CD/DVD drives from the Available Drives List
  • Add the File System Label to the Available Drives List
  • Added scroll bars to the Available Drives List 
  • Added the ability to name the new volume label 
  • Removed the Cancel button 
  • Removed the window resizing handle 
  • Script now uses Robocopy to write the ISO files to the drive (Better handles the file copy process)
  • reorganized the script to be more inline with my other scripts