Version 1.1.2

CSVViewer is a free application used to open CSV files in a read-only form. This lightweight tool was designed with the purpose of viewing CSV files without needing a heavy application such as Excel on your Server/Desktop.


CSV Viewer supports 2 different command line options

CSVViewer.exe -File <PathTOCSVFile>

This command will open the file directly if you do not specify a file, a file browser will open when you click the exe

CSVViwer.exe -DefaultPath <PathToFolder>

This command will set the default path that the file browser opens to. This can be handy when you want to point the exe to a log folder for the users convenience

Change Log 

11/9/2018 - Version

  • Fixed a issue that  would create a message box with the selected file name 
  • Fixed a issue that created a message box for each line of the help message

8/26/2018  - Version

  • Moved CSVViewer from Sourceforge to here
  • Change licensing from open source to closed 
  • Added the -File parameter to open a file directly from the command line
  • Added the -DefaultPath parameter to specify where the File browser should start at